Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees -- and that's where professional editing can help. As an associate agent with Red Sofa Literary, I can cut through overgrown verbiage and weed whack the heck out of book proposal gone wrong. Let's work together on making your project vibrant for its best chance to find your perfect match in an agent or editor, or get it ready to take on the self-publishing world!

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Line editing: $2.50 per page
I'll search your manuscript line by line to find pesky cliches, duplicate words, spelling and grammatical errors, passive voice, and glaring plot holes. You'll receive a report back on overall tone and structure of your manuscript and I'll make suggestions while still helping you keep your voice throughout your story or nonfiction work.

Copy editing -- $2.00 per page
A technical nitpick of your manuscript. Copy editing is similar to line editing but you will receive no feedback on the story itself.

Proofreading -- $1.00 per page
The last step before sending it to the press, it's great to have a fresh set of eyes.